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CSC VLE Tamil: A rundown of the most popular career choices

Getting a job is the first step towards fulfilling your goals in life. This is essential so that you can have a steady income and do whatever you want without anyone stopping you. It also helps in paying off the bills and helping you maintain a good life. On that note, finding the right career for you may be challenging with the plethora of options available. Here at CSC VLE Tamil, we made a rundown of the most popular career choices in the different industries in society. Find out more about them here:

Top job positions in the medical field

The medical field is one of the most popular career paths that have stood the test of time. Here are some of the top positions that are highly coveted in the medical industry:


Dentists are one of the highest medical professionals in the industry. They are tasked to diagnose and treat people with teeth and gum problems. Apart from this, they guide patients on how to brush and floss properly to avoid dental problems. Also, they administer certain surgeries for those who have severe concerns such as removing the wisdom tooth and encountering gum problems.

Registered nurse

Every patient in a hospital needs a registered nurse by their side to help them out which explains why they are highly in demand in the medical field. They are assigned to treat, advise and assist patients whenever necessary. Moreover, they provide emotional support to their family members during tough times.

On another hand, they document all the patients’ medical history and symptoms while working side by side with a doctor. They assist the physicians in performing diagnostic tests and other treatments.


Pharmacists are the only people who are licensed to dispense prescription drugs apart from physicians. They help advise patients about the right dosages and side effects of certain medicines. You can usually find them working in the following places:

  • Retail drugstores
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Local health clinics
  • Mental health facilities.


As one of the most key individuals found in the hospital, physicians are those who treat the injuries and illnesses of those who are sick. They examine patients and refer to their medical histories to know more about their health background. Aside from this, they also perform and review diagnostic tests. Explore some of the different specializations for aspiring doctors below:

  • Surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Gynaecology
  • General paediatrics
  • Internal medicine
  • Cardiology.

Physical therapist

As its name implies, physical therapists are health professionals that are trained in physical therapy. They create a plan for patients to help ease the pains and aches in their bodies so they can live better. This is usually for people who suffered a severe injury that hampered their ability to move and function properly.

High-paying job positions in the tech field 

As society continues to develop, this helped pave the way for the technology field to thrive. More and more people are now interested in venturing into this career path since it challenges you and at the same time has a hefty paycheck. Uncover the highest paying job positions related to this by browsing through the list below:

Data scientist

Dubbed as the highest paying job in the tech industry, data scientists are now high in demand and have an over $150,000 yearly salary. They are tasked with analyzing and interpreting complicated pieces of data to make better and more informed decisions. Moreover, they have to create data models and use various analytical tools.

Software architect

A software architect’s main role is to help the development process by making design and technical decisions. They also utilize various coding techniques, tools and platforms to perform their tasks. This job is suitable for people who have good programming and analytical skills.

Full-stack developer

Presently, there are over 23 million developers around the world which makes it a high paying job in the tech industry. They are described as people who are proficient in both the frontend and backend development of a product. Getting this position entails improving your coding and scripting skills along with having vast knowledge about web development.

Artificial intelligence (AI) engineer

If you have extensive knowledge about mathematics and statistics, getting an artificial intelligence (AI) engineer position is a good fit for you. It’s a challenging job where you develop, manage and oversee different AI-related projects in an organization. Expand your horizons by giving this career a try.

Product manager

A product manager’s main responsibility is to determine the scope of a product and help the team develop it from start to finish. They are required to have a strong understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) along with above-average time management skills. Although their job comes with a series of difficulties, it all comes worth it in the end because you can earn a salary of up to $100,000 yearly.

Famous career opportunities in the arts and media industry

Spark your imagination and step into the arts and media industry which is filled with lots of career opportunities:

Multimedia artist

Multimedia artists are the people behind the beautiful animated movies that you see everywhere. These are professionals who create two-dimensional and three-dimensional characters, making them appear realistic in anyone’s eyes. Most of them are adept in designing which requires intensive training and technical knowledge.

Art director

Every magazine cannot fully function without a good art director behind it. They act as the lighthouse of the project who guide the visual appearance and overall layout of the magazine. These people have an eye for detail which is earned through years of experience in the field.

Video editor

Little do many people know that video editing is both an art and a science combined into one. It involves a set of criteria that the video editor has to follow while making sure to let their creative side shine. They can create a variety of projects from movies to documentaries.

Graphic designer

Similar to a video editor, a graphic designer also mixes the concepts of both science and art together. They work with images rather than videos to convey a certain message to the audience. Most of these people are divided into the different sectors of the media industry such as in print or digital.


Although they are usually found behind the scenes, being a director is not an easy job. They are people who manage the entire production and all the creative aspects related to it. Additionally, they work hand in hand with the producer to develop the project from start to finish.

Best job openings for aspiring entrepreneurs

Be your boss and start being an entrepreneur today with the help of CSC VLE Tamil. To help you hone your skills for the trade, try exploring the following job positions:

Social media manager

As its name suggests, social media managers handle everything about the social media channels of a certain company or brand. They create and execute campaigns to increase brand awareness and improve the reach of the business. Starting with this job helps you learn all the ins and outs of social media which will be fundamental when you open your own business.

Public relations manager

Public relations (PR) managers are those who supervise the public image of a certain company. They ensure that the brand is seen positively and help solve any problems that the company may encounter. Having a background in PR guides aspiring entrepreneurs in learning how to handle their business’ image in the future. 

Financial advisor

When it comes to anything related to money, a financial advisor is the best person for the job. They guide people who are planning to invest and want to grow their money. Keep in mind that before you can become a successful entrepreneur, you need to first understand everything about money and learn how to properly manage it. That’s why trying a financial advisor position is a good step to take.

Sales manager

When it comes to product sales, the sales manager is the person responsible for the job. They supervise and guide the different sales teams to help them achieve their sales goals. Apart from this, they also analyze big chunks of data and designate tasks for their team members. Getting this position will give you the necessary experience to know how to generate sales, achieve financial targets and handle a team of your own.

Know more about business at CSC VLE Tamil

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, CSC VLE Tamil is the best place for you. We have different guides for anyone who wants to put up their own business. Additionally, we provide various training so that you can get a certification and learn more about the trade. Go to our website now for more information.

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